Obsessed with animation!

Hi, I'm Marc and I'm really glad you found me!

I've been creating animated video content for many years through my experience in the broadcast and digital industries with brands that range from the beauty, sports and well-being sectors. Throughout that time I became obsessed with how moving imagery grabs attention and compels an audience to watch for longer. The eyes are drawn in, a story is described and boom, the message has been communicated all within a few seconds!

This visual story telling language translates perfectly onto Instagram where your audience will give you 2-3 seconds to engage them before swiping past. So don't let them!

I’ll transform your planned static content into thumb-stopping animated video that will engage, encourage shares and drive more traffic to your website.

Your expertise and passions will be brought to life and your potential clients will be encouraged to reach out and message you. Oh, and you'll have an incredibly engaging Instagram Post grid!

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